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Postcards from our members – 2018

AQUARIUS,  Exploration 52
AQUARIUS off the Brittany coast РPhoto: Hervé Couturier
ARCTIC MONKEY, Exploration 45
The crew of ARCTIC MONKEY: Lou and Zetty with Zoe, Leah and Rose
DADA TUX, Exploration 45
DADA TUX off Laguna, Brazil, 1/2 – Photo: Cida Hoffmann
DADA TUX off Laguna, Brazil, 2/2 – Photo: Cida Hoffmann
FRENCH KISS, Exploration 45
FRENCH KISS in Alderney, Channel Islands – Photo: Philip Marks
HAI YOU, Exploration 45
HAI YOU, Cape Horn – Photo: Chris de Veyrac
HAI YOU, Seno Pia, Caleta Beaulieu – Photo: Chris de Veyrac
LIFEXPLORER, Exploration 52
LIFEXPLORER at Hjartoya in Norway – Photo: Alberto Biffignandi
LIFEXPLORER at at Alicehamna, Svalbard on her way to 80 North – Photo: Alberto Biffignandi
LIQUID TOMCAT, Exploration 45
LIQUID TOMCAT, British Virgin Islands – Photo: Matthias Osthoff
LIQUID TOMCAT, Verdens Ende, Norway – Photo: Matthias Osthoff
PEARL OF PENZANCE, Exploration 45
PEARL OF PENZANCE, Georgetown, South Carolina – Photo: Pete Goss
PEARL OF PENZANCE, Sunrise in the Bahamas – Photo: Pete Goss
RIRI, Exploration 45

SALAVIDA, Exploration 45
SALAVIDA, Ilhas Selvagens (Salvage Islands), Portugal
SALAVIDA, English Harbour, Antigua
VELVET, Exploration 45
VELVET at Ecrehous in the Channel Islands… not recommended for keeled boats – Photo: Michel Tabusse
VELVET waiting for lift-off on the incoming tide – Photo: Michel Tabusse
VELVET at Cayo Campos in Cuba – Photo: Michel Tabusse